Pilates in Place!

Pilates Lineage is with you in this fight

Stay Safe. Push Forward.

Here is a list of our friends and colleagues' virtual Pilates and videos


Kathi Ross-Nash - Red Thread Ranch

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Mat Workout I

Elaine Ewing - Rhinebeck Pilates

Virtual Pilates

Virtual pilates sessions are the ideal way to stay healthy, keep an active immune system, and experience all the other benefits of pilates without leaving your home or office. All you need is an internet connection, an account in our Mindbody Online system, and the Google Duo app. 

Virtual Pilates Privates

These sessions can take place on your mat, or on any of your own apparatus if you have it. Sign up using the links below.

Register for Virtual Privates with Elaine

Register for Virtual Privates with a Senior Teacher


Virtual Pilates Group Classes

There is no need to feel isolated when you’re home or at work for the day. Come join our community of pilates enthusiasts from around the world for these small, online group classes to enhance and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit!

Register for Virtual Pilates Group Classes

Reformer Class
$40/ single session
$190/ 5 sessions package
$350/ 10 sessions package

Tower Class
$35/ single session
$165/ 5 sessions package
$300/ 10 sessions package
$560/ 20 sessions package

Mat Class
$20/ single session
$90/ 5 sessions package
$150/ 10 sessions package


How to join a class:

  • Log into your MindBody online account or sign up for an account
  • upload the Google Duo app on your phone, tablet, or computer and enter your phone number into the app to install it. Apple Download | Google Play Download

IMPORTANT: The phone number you enter into your MindBody online profile will be the number called at the start of class. If you have a different number in the google duo app that we should call, you MUST notify us before class so that we can add you to the class in time for when it starts.

What you’ll need for each type of class:

For Virtual Mat Classes: a mat

For Virtual Tower Classes: a tower/wall unit

For Virtual Reformer Classes: a reformer




Dana Santi - Dana Santi Pilates




Grab your accessories and join me online or in studio. Space is limited.     


Friday, March 20 - Online or In Studio
Toe Exerciser and Foot Corrector
Understand the purpose of the foot corrector and connect its function to footwork and other places.

12:00pm - 1:30pm (CST)

Equipment needed - Toe Exerciser and Foot Corrector

Friday, April 17 - Online Only
Mat Class with Dana
Let's just sweat!
12:00 - 12:50pm (CST)
Equipment needed - any kind of mat will do


Alycea Ungaro - Real Pilates  

We’ve taken our schedule entirely online.

Virtual Private sessions and Virtual Group Classes are Live.
Not recorded - Live!

Work out with your favorite instructor or meet a new one in our signature personal training sessions online.

Request a Reduced Cost Private Here.
Or Book a $20 Virtual Group Class Here.

Download the Ring Central Meeting App Here for Free.
Make sure you choose the “Meetings” App.

Finally, let us know what we can do better? Other times, teachers or topics.

Aubrey Johnson - Moxie Mind & Body


Here is our YouTube Channel with some sample classes and tips
and tricks for home practice:


We are offering Virtual 30 min group classes for $12 and all prices for our scheduled appointments are the same (can be found on the website) and they can schedule through Mindbody (link on website)

Marian Tarin & Miguel Jorge - Pilatistic

En este periodo de aislamiento, todos tenemos que adaptarnos a los distintos desafíos que esta situación está provocando en el ámbito personal y profesional. Y la mejor manera de sobrellevar el confinamiento es lograr establecer cierta normalidad en nuestro día a día. Interrumpir tu rutina en la menor medida posible es clave para tu bienestar físico, mental y emocional. Es por este motivo que te incentivamos a que continues entrenando  y programes tus clases privadas con PILATISTIC.
Aquí tienes algunos motivos.

In this period of isolation, we all have to adapt to the different challenges that this situation is causing on a personal and professional level. And the best way to cope with confinement is to establish a certain normality in our day to day. Interrupting your routine as little as possible is key to your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is for this reason that we encourage you to continue training and schedule your private classes with PILATISTIC.
Here are some reasons:
✔️ Aprovecha este paréntesis para perfeccionar tus conocimientos de Pilates y mejorar tu práctica. 
     Make the most of this parenthesis perfecting your Pilates knowledge and improving your practice.
✔️ Si has decidido tú también ofrecer clases virtuales, aprende de quien tiene más experiencia en este campo.Te proporcionaremos herramientas didácticas y técnicas de enseñanza para mejorar tus sesiones online.
     If you have decided to also offer virtual classes, learn from who has more experience in this field.  We will provide you with didactic tools and teaching techniques to improve your online sessions.

✔️Si actualmente estás cursando nuestro máster PILATISTIC, usa estas sesiones online para dar continuidad a tu formación.
    If you are currently in our master PILATISTIC, use these online sessions to give continuity to your training.
✔️ Estar en contacto con tus profesores de confianza puede resultarte muy reconfortante en estos tiempos inciertos. Como siempre, estamos aquí para ayudarte.
     Being in contact with your trusted teachers can be very comforting in these uncertain times. As always, we are here to help you.

Reserva tu sesión online en:
*El valor de estas sesiones es equiparable a las clases presenciales. 

Book your online session:
* The value of these sessions is equal to classes in person.

¡Te esperamos al otro lado de la pantalla!

 Looking forward to seeing you on the other side of the screen!